Reclaim AI review

You might already hear about Reclaim AI if you are into productivity apps. It is an artificial intelligence-powered project management app focusing on automatic meeting and task scheduling.

Reclaim AI was designed for you if you have a busy schedule and sometimes struggle to keep a work-life balance. Honestly, this affects not just your personal life but many of us daily.

Defending our positive habits and personal time could be really tough sometimes. So, I was eager to try it and see if I could get more work done without all the stress.

Let’s dive into Reclaim AI’s main features, user experience, pros, cons, and pricing and see whether it can meet the expectations.

What is Reclaim AI?

Reclaim is an AI scheduling app that automatically finds the best time for tasks, meetings, habits, and breaks with project and task management features. You can access Reclaim from any desktop browser or mobile device. They designed this calendar app for busy teams to improve team collaboration and work-life balance and help you stay organized.

Reclaim helps teams optimize their meetings by scheduling meetings and tasks based on priority level and preference. As your week changes, this adaptive app automatically moves and reschedules calendar events, considering your preferences, due dates, and more.

Reclaim AI aims to take off your shoulders the stress of daily planning meetings. It provides a more intelligent and flexible way to plan your work week.

Ultimately, Reclaim AI helps boost productivity and regain control over your work week by reducing unnecessary meetings, finding empty slots for heads-down work, and defending your habits.

Reclaim AI’s key features

Now, let’s take a closer look at Reclaim AI’s capabilities.


Finding time for your habits is challenging on a busy week. Reclaim AI’s Habits features automatically schedule time for recurring activities, whether jogging, lunch, or focus time.

The first thing to add is your working hours, personal hours, and custom hours. This gives the framework for Reclaim AI to see when it can automatically schedule breaks, meetings, and tasks during your days to avoid meeting fatigue.

Reclaim AI - working hours settings
Reclaim AI’s working hours settings

By setting the rules, Reclaim takes care of finding the perfect time slots for such routines. Besides time blocking of recurring activities, Reclaim AI will stay open to changes and schedule your calendar automatically based on priority level.

You can simply drag and drop the habits between the low and high-priority tasks. For example, if you have a sales call at 11.30 on Friday, Reclaim AI auto-schedule your time block for jogging if it has a lower priority and you do not want to defend this time slot for all costs.

Reclaim AI - Adding habits and recurring tasks to your calendar
Reclaim AI can keep your schedule flexible by adding a priority level to recurring habits, tasks, and focus time.

In a nutshell, this feature is a great tool to defend time for focused work and help you stay focused while keeping the positive habits that can fuel the following days.

Scheduling links

Scheduling links allow you to send links to your and your team’s availability, letting others book time across multiple calendars.

Scheduling links
This is what your team will see when scheduling meetings with you.

You can share high-priority scheduling links that show your recurring tasks, habits, and one-on-one meetings as free time to ensure you can make this meeting happen. Alternatively, you can set up your scheduling links as a normal priority event, and your calendar will show the tasks, habits, no meeting days, etc.

Furthermore, you can add flexible time duration for the meetings, and the attendees can determine how much time they need and how soon they like to meet.

Sync your work and personal calendars

While calendar sync is only supported for calendars connected to a Google Calendar, you can share your iCloud or Outlook calendars with Google Calendar to see all your calendar events in one place.

The calendar view with the synchronized Google Calendar
Reclaim AI’s calendar view with the synchronized Google Calendar

This simplifies your planning and ensures you do not miss any important events. Streamlining your calendar data makes managing work-related commitments, other obligations, and personal engagements easier.

Task management

Efficient task management involves more than just writing down a to-do list. Handling multiple tasks and ensuring they are on track demands attention to detail and solid organizational skills. This is where task-tracking apps can give you a hand.

With Reclaim AI, you can integrate your to-do list from a project management app, and it will automatically start making time in your calendar. If you use Slack, the task creation is easier than ever. You can create tasks directly from a Slack message, so you do not need to switch between the two apps.

Using Reclaim will prevent you from constantly juggling tasks and ensure each gets its dedicated time based on priority. It makes Reclaim AI a quite useful tool to boost your time management skills.

Integration with your project management app

Besides integrating Reclaim AI with your Google Calendar, it offers many integration possibilities for project management apps.

You can integrate Reclaim AI with Google Tasks, Todoist, Asana, Jira, and ClickUp, and soon, and Trello will also be among the apps.

Reclaim AI - integrations
Reclaim AI’s integration options.

Seamless project and task integrations from other third-party apps will help you avoid missing some important projects or tasks during the week. Moreover, integration can be a life saver if you use multiple tools daily. It can minimize the minutes spent manually adding tasks, projects, or breaks in your calendar.

Given the integration with the project management app, Reclaim AI can effectively auto-schedule breaks, tasks, and projects during your working hours without missing any crucial information.

Time tracking and analytics

I appreciate productivity apps that help save time and be more efficient, and allow you to measure the impact. Reclaim did a good job in this matter. You can track focus time, work-life balance trends, buffer time, scheduled meetings, and more.

Additionally, you can track and analyze your team’s performance and work-life balance metrics. It is pretty useful to use such information for planning the future project.

You can have access to details like how much time your team spends in meetings, tasks, traveling, breaks, or on vacation to see what your team can handle.

My experience during the Reclaim AI review

Reclaim AI stands out for its user-friendly design, offering an intuitive experience. The learning curve is swift, even if you are unfamiliar with similar tools. The drag-and-drop functionality ensures that making changes and adding tasks is smooth.

What sets Reclaim AI apart are the thoughtful details in its features. Features like templates for habits and recurring tasks may seem like a tiny addition, but they save time and add an extra layer of convenience. The customization options give you a better overview of your days.

I love that they have sufficient integration options with project management apps and are also working on integrations with other apps.

Overall, Reclaim is not just a time saver. It can give you peace of mind by taking over the scheduling from you. I missed only one thing: the availability of desktop and mobile versions.


Reclaim AI has a variety of plans with many discount offerings. Furthermore, Reclaim AI offers a free 14-day trial, so you can try Reclaim’s features to decide whether they suit your needs.

Free version

The free version, Lite, allows users to regain control over their to-do list. Reclaim AI has a generous free plan compared to other tools.

You got three weeks of scheduling range, Google Tasks integration, calendar syncs, buffer time for your meetings, and more. However, features like team scheduling, additional integrations, and an unlimited number of habits are exclusive to paid versions.

Paid versions

It offers three paid plans for Reclaim users:

  • Starter plan: $8 per user/month
  • Business plan: $12 per user/month
  • Enterprise plans: Enterprise $18 per user/month

The main separation between the Starter plan and the Business plan is the number of scheduling links, max users in the team, smart 1 1s, and the scheduling range (8 weeks versus 12 weeks).

As a rule of thumb, the Starter plan is ideal for smaller businesses working with smaller teams, while the Business plan suits businesses with many dedicated teams.

The Enterprise plan is for businesses with over 100 employees. These plans have the highest security with a prioritized customer support team.


Currently, Reclaim AI offers four types of discounts:

  • Education: 50% discount for twelve months
  • Non-profit: 20% discount for three years
  • Startup: 20% discount for three years
  • Switching Providers: 20% discount for six months

While the first three discount options are self-explanatory, the switching providers’ discounts may need clarification. You are eligible for this discount if you switch from Clockwise, Motion, or Calendly. So, if you are unsatisfied with one of these AI tools, you should apply for a discount.

Pros and cons of Reclaim AI

Now, let’s see Reclaim AI’s pros and cons compared to other AI scheduling tools.


  • Reclaim understands your priorities, and auto-scheduling works great.
  • You can effortlessly add tasks, habits, and meetings with drag-and-drop, and Reclaim takes care of time blocking.
  • Reclaim eliminates the back-and-forth process of setting up meetings with the scheduling links feature.
  • It does not just assist in work tasks; Reclaim promotes a balanced life by blocking time for personal activities and habits.
  • Customization options provide an excellent overview of your plans.
  • Reclaim is regularly updated with new features.


  • Currently, there are no available desktop and mobile versions.
  • Direct integration with Outlook would be a useful addition.

Reclaim AI alternatives

Let’s see Reclaim AI’s alternatives:

  • Motion
  • Clockwise
  • Calendly
  • Trevor AI
  • Clara
  • Morgen
  • Todoist

Reclaim AI review summary

In my experience, Reclaim AI stands out as a top-notch scheduling assistant, if not the very best. It has a good value proposition compared to other scheduling solutions.

Overall, the most valuable thing you can gain from using Reclaim AI is a sense of relief. With Reclaim AI, you can focus on what truly matters without having to take on the role of your own personal assistant.

Frequently asked questions

Is Reclaim AI free?

Reclaim AI has free and paid plans. The free plan includes three weeks of scheduling range, Google Tasks integration, calendar syncs, and meeting buffer time. However, features like team scheduling, additional integrations, and an unlimited number of habits are exclusive to paid versions.

Does Reclaim AI work with Google Calendar?

You can sync Reclaim AI with your Google Calendar, which will auto-schedule tasks, habits, and meetings in your calendar.

Is Reclaim AI better than Motion?

Both Reclaim AI and Motion offer outstanding features, and choosing between them is a matter of personal preference. Motion is geared towards optimizing your work week with solid task and project management features.

On the other hand, Reclaim excels in integrating features that help you find the balance between your professional and personal life. Your ideal pick depends on the specific features that align with your unique preferences and priorities.

Is Reclaim AI worth it?

Reclaim AI is a great tool to maximize your time and live a more balanced life. Given the massive feature set and integration possibilities, Reclaim AI is one of the best AI scheduling assistants.

Does Reclaim AI work with Outlook?

Reclaim AI works directly with Google Calendar. Nevertheless, you can connect your Google Calendar with Outlook to see all the calendar events in your Reclaim AI calendar. It is a simple solution to keep all your schedules in one organized place.

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