AI meeting manager (AI meeting assistant)

We are living in a world where time is more valuable than ever. We spend around 31 hours each month on unproductive meetings. These meetings are wasting your time and money and hurt your daily productivity. I am pretty sure I am not the only one stuck in the never-ending cycle of alignment meetings. There are more solutions to this problem, no doubt about it. One of these potential solutions? Artificial intelligence (AI) meeting manager.

AI meeting managers will not replace you but can make you more effective and focused. However, choosing the right AI meeting manager can be a tough challenge. You must consider many factors like meeting platform, features, price, etc.

This article breaks down the key steps before buying an AI meeting manager to ensure you find what you are looking for.

What is an AI meeting manager (AI meeting assistant)?

If you are already searching for the best AI meeting assistants or managers, you probably asked yourself whether they are the same. Essentially, an AI meeting manager and an AI meeting assistant are the same AI tool. Some call it AI meeting managers, while others call it AI meeting assistants. Like every AI assistant, an AI meeting manager uses artificial intelligence, specifically generative AI technology.

AI meeting managers are seamlessly integrated with your meeting and video conferencing platforms. So you can use your favorite tools like Google Meet and Calendar, Microsoft Teams and Outlook, or Slack. 

What does the AI meeting manager do?

AI meeting managers can help you in many ways to reduce wasted money and time on unproductive meetings. Businesses with over 100 employees spend an average of $420,000 annually, while businesses with less than 50 employees spend an average of $18,000 annually on unproductive meetings. 

AI meeting manager / AI meeting assistant benefits
Benefits of an AI meeting manager

Depending on the specific AI tool and its features, AI meeting managers generally help you with managing meetings for the following tasks:

  • Recording meeting,
  • Taking notes,
  • Prepares meeting summaries,
  • Meeting analysis,
  • Automated meeting scheduling,
  • Can create a highlight video based on transcripts,
  • It helps you to find relevant information easier in your meeting notes.

If you are not sure how to use an AI meeting manager to have more productive meetings, check out this article: 7 Ways How to Maximize Productivity with an AI Meeting Manager

Best AI meeting assistants

In this article, I ranked and reviewed the eleven best AI meeting assistants to help you select the one that suits your needs.

How to choose the right AI meeting manager?

It is easy to get lost in the many AI meeting managers in the market. So, here are the 4 key steps before deciding which AI meeting manager to buy.  

Step 1: Meeting platform

The first question is which video conferencing platforms you use for online meetings on a daily basis. Some AI meeting managers are compatible with just a few video conferencing platforms

Most AI meeting managers are generally compatible with Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, or Zoom. However, if you use Pumble, GoToMeeting, Skype, or other platforms, you must pay extra attention to whether the specific AI meeting manager can connect to them.

Step 2: Languages

Consider which language you use during online meetings before making a decision. This is especially important for functions like meeting transcripts and summaries.

AI meeting managers use speaker recognition technology to capture video calls and transcribe virtual meetings. An AI meeting manager can receive and understand voice conversations through voice or speaker recognition. Practically, it gives a speaker id for each meeting participant, so you can easily see in the meeting transcription who said what.

However, the meeting transcription is limited to a number of languages. Every AI meeting manager can capture and transcript the English language during audio and video meetings. Some AI meeting managers can also recognize other major languages like French or Spanish.  

If you are using languages other than English, it is worth taking a look at the capabilities of the AI meeting manager to avoid paying money for the wrong AI tool. 

Step 3: Functions

The key questions you need to ask here are, why do you want to use an AI meeting manager, and what functions would make your everyday routine more effective? 

If you are working as a solo entrepreneur, you might just need the essential functions and no need for extra features. Everything comes down to the question of how many tasks you can effectively delegate to an AI manager during your daily work. 

Online meeting recording and note-taking are the most basic functions. Many AI meeting managers provide additional features which can be helpful during meetings.

These additional features can be the followings.

Automatically generated meeting recaps and highlights 

One of the features of MeetGeek is that this AI meeting manager transforms lengthy meeting recordings into AI meeting minutes. It includes a conversation summary, transcript with timestamps, and auto-tags for each action item or important detail. 

Automated meeting scheduling

One of the popular AI products is Motion when it comes to automated meeting scheduling.

It is an AI scheduling assistant designed to prioritize and schedule tasks on your calendar. This AI tool ensures that tasks are placed on the right day and time so you can complete them well ahead of your deadlines.

It considers your weekly tasks, meetings, and overall working hours and subsequently tailors a personalized schedule to suit your needs.

Automatic summaries

For example, Otter AI automatically creates a meeting summary with hyperlinks to the meeting notes and slides. After the online meeting, it automatically sends the meeting summaries to the meeting participants. Thanks to this function, all the relevant stakeholders receive the summary after the meeting without doing anything manually. 

Capturing meeting slides

Some tools like Otter AI will automatically capture meeting slides and add them to the notes, so you can recall and share details with context.

AI meeting manager can capture slides
Otter AI can capture meeting slides during audio and video meetings

Meeting analysis

Once the online meetings are over, provides key insights into speakers, topics, sentiments, and more. With this comprehensive data, you can easily compare trends and evaluate the overall quality of your team’s conversations. 

Step 4: Pricing

Many AI meeting assistant apps have a free plan, and you can use the basic features completely free. The main difference between the free plan and the paid plan is the features, available transcription minutes, and audio or transcript storage capacity. 

Paid plans regularly have much higher monthly transcription minutes available and unlimited or 1-year storage capacity. Also, paid plans have additional features like advanced search options or keyword tracking. 

Choosing annual paid plans is recommended if you want to use the AI mating manager in the future. If you decide to go with annual paid plans, you can save between 20 and 55 percent of the yearly fee.

The best AI meeting managers

In this article I ranked and reviewed the 11 best AI meeting manager to ensure you pick the most suitable for you.

Where is the future of AI meetings headed?

While meetings are a necessary part of our work routine, it can be pretty challenging to make the most of them. Whether you have customer or internal meetings, it requires much effort and focus. The name of the game is effectiveness.

Trying to handle every aspect of an online meeting by yourself is not practical and effective. Maintaining focus throughout the online meeting while simultaneously taking notes, recording, and later preparing a summary and analyzing your entire team’s performance can quickly become overwhelming.

An AI manager can not speak instead of you but can manage repetitive tasks related to online meetings. Success lies in being efficient and delegating tasks like note-taking, recording, and meeting scheduling to your AI manager

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