Motion app review

Motion is an artificial intelligence-based tool for automatic scheduling and project management. More than 50,000 people use Motion in day-to-day life for better meeting scheduling and task management.

While Motion is excellent for overcoming procrastination and relieves the stress of planning, it also claims to boost productivity by 137%, which could be a game changer.

In this Motion app review, I will dive into whether it lives up to these promises and is worth considering for your daily tasks and projects.

Let’s get started!

What is Motion?

Motion leverages artificial intelligence to plan your schedule to manage your projects and tasks assigned to you effectively. It can auto-schedule meetings, synchronize your work and personal calendar, and block time slots for recurring tasks and certain projects. Motion is available as a web app, desktop app, and mobile app as well.

This AI scheduler has four main features:

  1. AI calendar capabilities
  2. Meeting assistant feature
  3. Task management
  4. Project management

Motion app is more than just a meeting scheduler. It is also an excellent task manager app that can help you to stay focused and organized. Motion is a great way to overcome procrastination, relieving the stress of planning your personal projects and workflows.

Key features

Let’s jump into the Motion review, starting with the key features!

AI calendar

Motion designed its calendar based on how the most productive people work daily. They considered priorities, deep work hours, preferences, and personal events. Motion offers a solution to improve your time management, and a streamlined calendar is the first step to making it happen.

Motion app review
You can see your Outlook and Google Calendar in one view.

Managing your personal and work tasks across different calendars, like Gmail and Outlook, can get pretty challenging. But with Motion, you can bring the Google Calendar, Apple Calendar and Outlook Calendar together into a single view.

This way, you can see your personal and work calendar items simultaneously and plan your weekly to-do list much easier.

Motion app review: calendar view
Motion’s calendar view

Apart from auto-scheduling your to-do lists, Motion automatically time-blocks slots for deep work and other tasks. Essentially, the Motion calendar view helps you to see all your calendars in one place and auto-schedule your tasks dynamically.

Meeting assistant

When you kick off with Motion, the first thing to do is to add your work hours, recurring tasks, priorities, and preferences to help Motion build a customized schedule. Once you update your tasks, Motion takes care of your to-do list, and you can see your weekly plan in the calendar view.

The meeting assistant feature assists you with automatic scheduling, limiting the daily meetings, and displaying preferred meeting times to other team members. Motion offers to personalize your booking page that shares your availability based on your preferred meeting times.

This approach eliminates the constant back-and-forth communication to find a suitable time slot for virtual meetings.

Motion booking page
Motion booking page

Moreover, this meeting scheduler can significantly simplify the team meetings’ coordination. You can add scheduling rules and access your team’s availability right away. In a nutshell, Motion’s auto-scheduling and team features can save time for you and your entire team.

Task management

Motion’s task management feature is a powerful tool for developing more efficient tasks and time management. It allows you to smoothly add and assign new tasks to you or your teammates, while the tasks dashboard provides a clear overview of tasks in progress and those that have been completed yet.

Having a customizable central hub for your tasks can make your life easier. You can overview your outstanding tasks and projects in a list or board view.

Motion app review: task management feature
Motion’s task management feature.

When adding a task, you can select the assignee, priority, duration, start date, due date, and when to auto-schedule it.

Motion app review: task adding
You can easily add tasks for auto scheduling.

We all know there are times when it is all about firefighting. You need to jump in an important Google Meet or Microsoft Teams call, or simply some important tasks come up. With a single click, Motion’s automatic scheduling reorganizes your tasks based on your preferences and priorities.

An AI task manager like Motion can boost your productivity in many ways. Beyond helping you manage and track your focus time and tasks effectively, it simplifies task creation, prioritization, and time tracking and fosters team collaboration.

Project management

Motion’s project management works similarly to the task manager feature. You can add project tasks and sub-tasks to your team’s calendars and measure how much your team can complete. Motion takes the burden of project planning off your shoulders by automatically scheduling tasks and sub-tasks to ensure timely completion.

When setting up a project, you can specify the due date, add priority, notes and assign tasks to your team members. Additionally, you and your teammates can leave comments under each project and add new tasks if necessary.

Motion app review: Project view
You can assign tasks and projects to your team and leave comments under each projects.

As you see, when adding projects and tasks, you give many parameters for Motion to built a perfectly customized schedule for you. For example, it prioritizes loading your calendar with tasks from high-priority projects over those from low-priority ones.

Motion’s project management feature has all the functions to manage small business projects and workflows. However, I miss the option to synchronize Motion with other project management tools. This can be especially a drawback if you require a more comprehensive project management app.

Essentially, the more projects and tasks you give, the more accurate your schedule will become. Using Motion for your project management can almost entirely automate your project planning, and you can focus on the tasks.

My experience with Motion app

During the Motion app review, the first thing that come up is how intuitive the user interface is compared to other apps. While the navigation was pretty straightforward, Motion helps with additional tutorial videos to ensure you know all the features.

Moreover, Motion provides users with many customizable options to make sure they will not miss any important information. Entering tasks, changing existing tasks, or adding new tasks to a project work smoothly for me. I particularly liked the way you can divide projects into tasks and tasks into sub-tasks.

Overall, I had a pleasant experience with using Motion in my daily life.


Motion has the following pricing structure with a one-week free trial.

Individual plan

There is a significant difference between the annual and the monthly plan. While the individual plan is $19, if you opt for the annual plan, the monthly plan will cost you $34 per month.

Therefore, if you decide to commit to Motion after the free trial, it’s definitely more cost-effective to choose the annual plan.

Team plan

The team plan is $19 per month per user if picking the annual plan. If you are uncertain about your team’s long-term use of Motion and prefer not to subscribe for a year, the monthly rate is $20 per user per month.

In terms of features, the main differences between individual and team plans are automated task planning and collaboration with teammates on tasks.

Pros and cons of Motion app

Let’s dive into what I liked and disliked during my Motion app review.


  • Straightforward user interface and easy navigation.
  • Effortlessly divide projects into tasks and tasks into sub-tasks.
  • The warning message is a nice feature that lets you know if you will complete it by the due date.
  • Easy to handle task manager functions.
  • It is not too comprehensive, but it has solid project management functions.
  • Customizable visualization.
  • The auto-scheduling feature works fine.
  • I love the integration with personal calendars.
  • 7-day free trial.


  • No free plan.
  • The monthly plan is pricey.
  • Lack of integration options.

Motion 3.0

Motion announced 90+ product updates, which were added to the app at the end of 2023. The update includes smoother task creation, an improved mobile app, a faster algorithm, and new project management functions, and you can connect Motion to Apple iCloud Calendars. Seeing how Motion can boost the user experience with these new updates is exciting!

Motion app review summary

If you want to live and work in a more organized manner and fight procrastination, Motion can be a game changer. Whether you have a default schedule or a more messed up weekly routine, Motion works fine.

It lets you effortlessly create events, to-do lists, and dedicated focus time, helping you make the most of your day-to-day life.

Although Motion is an excellent meeting scheduler and task manager app, it is surely not for everyone. It is always a good idea to try the free trial to see if it meets your specific needs and preferences.

I hope this Motion app review helped you ensure this is the suitable AI meeting scheduler and task manager tool for you.

Frequently asked question

Is Motion worth it in 2024?

Motion has valuable features to optimize your time management. It works as a task manager and meeting scheduling app. While its project management capabilities may not be as comprehensive as those of some other AI project management applications, it has solid basic functions that are well-suited for smaller businesses.

How does Motion’s automatic scheduling work?

Motion auto-schedule your tasks and meetings based on your availability and priorities instead of moving tasks manually. With a few clicks, Motion smoothly auto-schedule your week and create a to-do list for you.

Is the Motion app secure?

Motion’s cloud infrastructure is hosted with Google Cloud Platform (GCP), which has massive security against online fraud, denial of service, and web attacks.

What is the alternative to the Motion app?

The best alternative to Motion app is Reclaim, an AI-powered scheduling and task management app. It can automatically reschedule a non-completed task, and you can integrate Reclaim with many project manager apps.

Here is the full list of Best 7 AI Task Manager Tools to Get More Work Done if you want to consider other options.

Is Motion free to use?

Motion does not offer a free plan, but it provides a free trial for its paid plans. The individual plan is priced at $19 per month per user, and the team plan costs $12 per month per user.

Can Motion create recurring tasks?

Yes, Motion can create recurring tasks. You can add a task for a specified time, and the task will be auto-scheduled based on your existing tasks, priorities, and preferences.

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