Remote collaboration is rising globally, offering a great way to connect with others and find the best colleagues, regardless of location. However, remote work comes with challenges, including time management issues, team communication, and unproductive workdays. Staying focused is crucial during such times, and having the right remote team collaboration tools can make all the difference.

While many apps exist, finding the best collaboration tools for remote teams is challenging. In this guide, I collected the best remote collaboration tools to maximize team productivity and make every minute count.

Let’s dive in!

The best collaboration tools for remote teams

  • ClickUp: Best project management tool.
  • Fireflies AI: Best app to automate meeting notes.
  • Motion: Best scheduling app to keep your calendar organized.
  • Notion: Best remote collaboration software to help you write, brainstorm, edit, summarize, and more in one structured workspace.
  • Geekbot: The best tool to automate standups, surveys and workflows.
  • Krisp: The best app to eliminate background voice.
  • Dropbox: Best tool for file sharing and document management.
  • Slack: Best team communication tool for remote and hybrid teams.

In this video, you can see additional collaboration tools that I did not include in the list above.

What to consider when choosing remote collaboration tools?

Before deciding which collaboration tools to try out, it makes sense to consider the following aspects:

  1. Features: Collaboration tools offer a wide range of features. While some may be useful for remote workers, others are not that valuable. Evaluate the features before making a decision.
  2. Cost: Cost and features go hand in hand. The more features one collaboration tool offers, the higher the price is. To make a cost-effective decision, make sure the pricing fits your budget and you can utilize all the collaboration software features.
  3. Integrations: Ensure that the collaboration tool seamlessly integrates with your other apps.
  4. User experience: Opt for tools with an intuitive and user-friendly interface to enhance overall productivity.
  5. Security: Prioritize tools with solid security measures to safeguard sensitive information and maintain data integrity.

Best project management tools for remote teams


For example, ClickUp can help to optimize resource allocation with a good overview of the workload

ClickUp is considered one of the best remote collaboration tools available for project management. It is an incredibly versatile app and can work as a central hub for project coordination.

  • Unique customization: ClickUp’s extensive customization options allow you to tailor your workflows and dashboard to your specific needs. 
  • Effortless collaboration: ClickUp simplifies team management by enabling you to assign tasks, share feedback, and attach files to each project, all in one place. 
  • Virtual whiteboard: ClickUp provides a virtual whiteboard where you can collaborate with your teammates.
  • Shared workspace: You can build documents or tag others with comments, assign them action items, and convert text into trackable tasks.
  • Goals: ClickUp allows you to track progress and targets, whether numerical, monetary, or true/false milestones.
  • Instant Communication: ClickUp’s real-time chat function ensures immediate and responsive collaboration with teammates, enhancing productivity and efficiency.


  • Free plan: Available
  • Team: $7/month per user
  • Business: $12/month per user
  • Enterprise: Contact for pricing

Pros and cons of ClickUp:


  • Intuitive and very flexible task management tool.
  • Foster teamwork through features like comments, mentions, and real-time editing.
  • You can smoothly create projects and tasks in no time.
  • Helpful customer support.
  • Integration with many third-party apps.
  • You can set goals for projects and track the progress.


  • The free plan provides only 100MB of storage.
  • New users might encounter a challenging learning curve.



Wrike is a top choice when it comes to project management. You can integrate Wrike with over 400 apps, and its features help you handle every aspect of project management.

  • Resource management: Using the resource management feature, Wrike can assist in budgeting, time tracking, and workload optimization.
  • Personalized dashboard: The customizable dashboard allows you to monitor plans, progress, and tasks effectively.
  • Workflow categorization: You can categorize all the workflows using the cross-tagging feature across tasks, subtasks, folders, milestones, phases, and projects.
  • Gantt charts: You will have access to a complete overview of project details, tasks, and timelines using Gantt charts.
  • Automated requests: Wrike has building forms that include checkboxes, dropdowns, priority, due dates, etc, so you can make requests quickly.
  • Free plan: Available
  • Team plan: $9.8/month per user
  • Business plan: $24.8/month per user
  • Enterprise plan: Contact for pricing
  • Pinnacle plan: Contact for pricing


  • Effortless collaboration with other team members with comments, mentions, and approval functions.
  • You can create tasks that you can only see on your dashboard.
  • The personalized dashboard allows you to overview the workflows of remote team members.
  • The customer service is top-notch.
  • You can effectively track workload, budget, and time spent on a project.
  • Integration possibility with more than 400 apps.


  • You can access more advanced features only if you use higher-tier paid plans.
  • The user interface could be more beginner-friendly.


Best remote collaboration tool for project management

If you are looking for project management software that helps simplify work management, nTask could be your top pick. nTask has all the essential features that might be needed for managing projects remotely.

  • Extensive project management tool: It has many project management features supporting remote teams, including budgeting, resource allocation, work capacity tracker, etc.
  • Task managerThis tool assists remote employees in planning, creating, and managing tasks simply by utilizing features like time tracking, collaboration features, smooth file sharing, interactive Gantt charts, and more.
  • Kanban boards: Creating Kanban boards helps you organize and customize workflows to avoid missing any crucial details.
  • Gantt Chart: You can easily plan, manage timelines, and visualize projects.
  • Team management: nTask fosters team collaboration by adding functions like team chat, roles, and document management.
  • Timesheet: This feature lets you track and report your time with projects.
  • Meeting management: Using nTask, you can provide agendas, action items, and links to tasks to make remote working and meetings more effortless.
  • Free forever plan: Available
  • Premium plan: $3/month per user
  • Business plan: $8/month per user
  • Enterprise plan: Contact for pricing


  • It has an intuitive user interface.
  • The comprehensive feature set can cover all aspects of managing projects.
  • With its affordable pricing, it offers excellent value for money.
  • Advanced visualization options.
  • You can use the free version for up to five team members.


  • Some users reported poor customer service.
  • The free version does not include the Kanban feature.


A porject management software for remote teams

Taskade is an AI-powered collaboration software focusing on task management. Using Taskade, you can effectively create and assign tasks with due dates and upload related files.

Taskade’s main selling point, among other remote collaboration tools, is its extensive templates for your work and personal life. So, you do not have to prepare a budget planning, mind plan, or personal finance tracker; Taskade will do it for you.

  • Automate tasks: Using Taskade, you can easily assign tasks and add due dates to a team member.
  • Easy-to-use platform: You can create task lists, mind maps, review lists, and custom workflows with one click.
  • Templates: Taskade has more than 1000 templates for every possible scenario.
  • Visualization: You can visualize your project in various ways: lists, kanban boards, calendars, mind maps, org charts, and action views.
  • AI chatbot: You can employ Taskade’s AI chatbot to generate task lists and notes, summarize text, or write content.
  • Free plan: Available
  • Starter plan: $4/month up to 3 users
  • Plus plan: $8/month up to 5 users
  • Pro plan: $19/month for up to 10 users
  • Business plan: $49/month for up to 25 users
  • Ultimate plan: $99/month for up to 50 users
  • Enterprise plan: Contact for pricing


  • Team collaboration in real-time.
  • Access a range of ready-made templates, even with the free version.
  • You can easily break down complex projects into manageable tasks.
  • Using the AI chatbot, you can accelerate many workflows.
  • Accessible on various platforms, including Android and iOS.
  • Customizable features.


  • Taskade is more suitable for task management and may not be ideal for handling complex projects.
  • Limited integration possibilities.
  • The free plan provides only 250MB of storage.

Best apps to automate meeting notes

Fireflies AI

Fireflies AI is a valuable collaboration tool for remote teams

Fireflies AI is a meeting assistant tool powered by artificial intelligence. It can transcribe, summarize, record, and analyze video calls automatically. Utilizing an AI assistant like Fireflies AI, you can focus your full attention on the video meetings, and the AI assistant will handle the rest.

Fireflies AI works well with many video conferencing platforms, including Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams. I picked Fireflies AI in the first place because of its ability to transcribe meetings in more than 69 languages.

Fireflies AI is a must-have collaboration tool for remote employees to ensure they dedicate their full attention to other meeting participants.

  • Meeting automation: Fireflies AI transcribes and records conversations automatically.
  • AI-powered searching: You can easily find any crucial details in meeting notes using Fireflies AI’s search capabilities.
  • Meeting analysis: It provides insights about speakers, topics, and sentiments.
  • Collaboration: You can leave comments and pins at different parts of calls and easily share the meeting notes on Slack, Notion, and more.
  • Extensive integration: Fireflies AI allows integration with multiple tools.
  • Language support: This remote collaboration tool supports live transcription in 69+ different languages. 
  • Free plan: Available
  • Pro plan: $10/month per user
  • Business plan: $19/month per user
  • Enterprise plan: Contact for pricing


  • You can fully automate your online meetings.
  • Fireflies AI supports a lot of languages compared to similar tools.
  • Receiving insights about your meeting performance is helpful.
  • Smart search and topic tracking can save a lot of time.
  • You can integrate Fireflies AI with many third-party applications.


  • If you have meetings in different languages, you must manually switch to the next call’s language before joining.
  • Sometimes, it can not transcribe accents correctly.
  • Limited storage even if you choose the Pro plan.


One of the best AI meeting manager and a good Otter AI alternative

Tl dv, or “too long; didn’t view,” is a free AI note taker that automatically records and transcribes Google Meet and Zoom meetings in more than 30 languages. It is one of the most popular AI note takers with a user base of more than half a million users and provides many valuable features.

  • Automated note-taking, recordings and summaries: It records, transcribes and summarizes audio and video meetings in more than 30 languages.
  • Clips: Tl dv can create clips or reels so you can share these moments with others.
  • AI-generated takeaways: It automatically summarize the parts you pinpoint during a meeting.
  • Recording speed: Tl dv allows you to play the meeting recording at 1.5 or 2x speed.
  • Free plan: Available
  • Pro plan: starts at $20/recording user/month


  • Solid basic functions.
  • Generous free plan, which includes unlimited recordings and transcripts.
  • Able to transcribe meetings in more than 30 languages with high accuracy.
  • Allow you to accelerate the playback speed of your meeting recordings.
  • Straightforward solution for note taking.


  • Supports only Google Meet and Zoom.
  • Still has some minor bugs.

You get a 30% discount for the first six months using the link below.


Airgram is among the best collaboration tools for remote teams

Airgram offers many collaboration features that enhance remote team’s workflow efficiency. Besides note-taking, recording, and meeting summaries, you can easily share and edit notes, which makes Airgram an excellent team collaboration software.

  • Meeting transcription: Airgram automatically joins and transcribes virtual meetings on Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Webex.
  • Smooth editing: You can supplement AI-generated meeting summaries with your notes and action items.
  • Easy sharing: You can share meeting notes and recordings via a link or email or export them easily to other apps.
  • Clips: You can make video clips from the meeting records to share specific moments.
  • Real-time Notepad: You can give comments or assign tasks to your teammates in real-time.
  • Free plan: Available
  • Plus: $18/month per user


  • Smooth collaboration and share functions.
  • Option to accelerate the playback speed of your meeting recordings.
  • Airgram supports eight languages.
  • Integrated with Google Docs and Microsoft Word.
  • You have a 7-day free trial to try it.


  • There are very limited features included in the free plan.
  • There are cases when AI does not differentiate a speaker’s voice correctly.

Best scheduling apps to organize your calendar


Motion can help in scheduling for remote teams

Motion is a remote collaboration tool that leverages artificial intelligence to plan your schedule. Using Motion, you can see the iCloud, Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar together in one view, and Motion will craft your weekly schedule for you.

However, Motion is more than an AI scheduling assistant. Besides crafting your weekly schedule based on your priorities and preferences, it also works as a task manager app. You can assign tasks, track project progress, and have a central hub for your tasks so that you can stay focused and organized.

  • Calendar integration: You can sync your personal and work calendars to see all your meetings and tasks in one place.
  • Personalized Schedule: Motion builds a personalized weekly schedule based on your priorities, preferences, and due dates.
  • Booking page: Employing Motion allows you to have a customized booking page to share your availability based on your preferred meeting times.
  • Task management: You can easily add and assign tasks while keeping track of progress.
  • Project management: Motion takes the burden of project planning off your shoulders by automatically scheduling tasks and sub-tasks to ensure timely completion.
  • Motion 3.0: This update included faster task creation, an improved mobile app, new project management functions, and a connection to Apple iCloud Calendars.
  • Individual plan: $19 per user/month
  • Team plan: $12 per user/month


  • Straightforward user interface and easy navigation.
  • Effortlessly divide projects into tasks and tasks into sub-tasks.
  • The warning message is a nice feature that lets you know if you will complete it by the due date.
  • Easy to handle task manager functions.
  • It is not too comprehensive, but it has solid project management functions.
  • Customizable visualization.
  • The scheduling tool works fine.
  • I love the integration with personal calendars.
  • 7-day free trial.


  • No free plan.
  • The monthly plan is pricey.
  • Lack of integration options.


Reclaim AI is an excellent remote collaboration tool

Reclaim is an AI calendar that automatically finds the best time slots for tasks, meetings, habits, and breaks. Besides the calendar functions, it also has task management features, and you can integrate it with many project management apps.

Reclaim AI’s strong focus on maintaining a balanced personal life is what sets it apart from other time management tools. It ensures you meet work deadlines and safeguards your positive habits, finding the ideal time slots for activities like jogging or meditation.

  • Calendar management: You can synchronize your Google Calendar with Reclaim AI and connect your iCloud or Outlook calendars indirectly through Google Calendar.
  • Adaptive AI Scheduling: Besides finding time for meetings, appointments, and tasks, Reclaim AI will stay open to changes and automatically schedule your calendar based on your priorities.
  • Scheduling links: You can share your availability with scheduling links to ensure your teammates book meetings whenever it is right for you.
  • To-do list sync: Using Reclaim AI, you integrate your to-do list from project management tools, and it will seamlessly allocate time in the upcoming days or weeks.
  • Time tracking tool: You can track focus time, work-life balance trends, buffer time, meeting time, team performance, and more.
  • Third-party integrations: Integration options with third-party apps.
  • Free plan: Available
  • Starter plan: $8 per user/month
  • Business plan: $12 per user/month
  • Enterprise plan: Enterprise $18 per user/month


  • Reclaim AI organizes your weekly to-do list into a realistic schedule.
  • You will have access to an overview of your tasks, meetings, and appointments.
  • The scheduling links feature eliminates the back-and-forth process of organizing team meetings.
  • Reclaim, lift off the stress of planning your week, and create a more balanced life.
  • Awesome customization options.
  • Reclaim AI regularly releases new updates.


  • Direct integration with Outlook would be a great addition.

Best tool for managing notes and tasks


Notion is great to improve team collaboration  between remote teams

Notion is a little bit of everything. You can implement Notion in many workflows, including note-taking, project and task management, generating summaries or to-do lists, fixing spelling, and much more.

Nevertheless, what makes Notion one of the most valuable remote collaboration tools is that you can customize everything.

  • AI assistant: You can apply this feature to improve your writing, make it shorter or longer, and summarize the notes.
  • Fix your writing: Notion detects errors and corrects misspelled words and incorrect grammar.
  • Task and project manager features: You can plan, manage, track, and execute your projects using the Notion Projects feature.
  • Free templates: With Notion, you can access many templates for creating to-do lists, meeting summaries, investor updates, recruiting trackers, etc.
  • Translation: Notion allows the translation of the written content into another language.
  • Integrations: You can integrate Notion with Slack, GitHub, and more.
  • Free plan: Available
  • Plus plan: $8/month per user
  • Business plan: $15/month per user
  • Enterprise plan: Contact for pricing


  • Easy-to-understand buttons and intuitive menus.
  • Notion replaces multiple applications such as ChatGPT and Grammary.
  • It provides templates for various teams, including IT, product development, and recruitment.
  • Notion can help to streamline small teams’ project management processes.
  • The AI assistant feature can reduce the time spent with meeting notes, summaries, and text documents while improving your writing.


  • If you use a free plan workspace with several members, you can add a limited number of blocks if you do not want to switch to paid plans.

Best tool to automate standups, surveys and workflows


Geekbot is a great tool to improve remote team collaboration

While Geekbot is an outstanding tool for automating many workflows, it also offers an excellent way to build company culture in a remote environment. Geekbot simplifies the standup process, saves time, and improves team collaboration. If you use Slack or Microsoft Teams, Geekbot is a great addition and definitely worth its price!

  • Automated workflows: Using Geekbot, you can automate standups, retros, surveys, 1-on-1s, and many workflows to save time and get an overview of who is working on what.
  • Real-time insights: Geekbot provides you with real-time analysis of the results.
  • Customized bot: You have the flexibility to add any questions and schedule them to be sent at a time and frequency that works best for your team.
  • Track team happiness: Geekbot analyzes the answers, helping you understand team happiness and engagement levels.
  • Integration: You can integrate Geekbot with Slack or Microsoft Teams.
  • Start-up (Free plan): Available for up to 10 participants
  • Scale-up plan: $2.5/month per participant
  • Enterprise plan: Contact for pricing


  • Free for teams below 10 participants.
  • Easy to set up.
  • It saves time and helps build a company culture in a remote environment.
  • Geekbot knows your teammates’ time zones so that everyone will receive the DMs at the scheduled time.
  • Receiving real-time insights about your remote team’s happiness is an excellent way to reduce employee turnover and burnout chance.
  • It helps you to understand who is working on what and manage your team’s workload.


  • It would be great if it could be more customizable.

Best noise cancelling app for remote workers


Krisp is a good tool for remote workers

Working in noisy work environments is sometimes inevitable, particularly for remote workers. You likely encountered situations where a crying child or a barking dog interrupts a crucial call. Remote work can be challenging in such circumstances.

If you find yourself in such situations, Krisp could be a game-changer. This remote collaboration tool employs AI to remove background noises and voices, coupled with echo cancellation technology.

  • Background voice cancellation: Krisp identifies the primary speaker’s voice and removes other nearby human voices.
  • Background noise suppression: It removes unwanted background noises on all meeting participants’ sides.
  • Echo cancellation technology: Krisp eliminates distracting room and acoustic echo during a call.
  • AI meeting assistant feature: It can transcribe calls on multiple video conferencing platforms without bots.
  • Free plan: Available
  • Pro plan: $8/month per user
  • Enterprise plan: Contact for pricing


  • Join calls confidently without worrying about background noises or voices.
  • Noise-canceling makes the audio quality much better.
  • Krisp operates excellently with many video conferencing tools.
  • Krisp can transcribe your online meetings without needing a bot to join the calls.
  • The paid plans are cheap compared to other remote collaboration tools.
  • Krisp works seamlessly on both Windows and Mac.


  • It only transcribes meetings in English.
  • The free plan’s 60-minute daily limit for noise cancellation can be easily exceeded.

Best file sharing tools for remote teams


dropbox - a tool for file sharing

Dropbox is among the must-have remote collaboration tools for file management, sharing, and storing. Using Dropbox, you can easily streamline your document management processes with cloud storage.

  • Integrated platform: You can share, access, and store documents in one integrated platform.
  • Backup: Using Dropbox, you can automatically back up critical documents and quickly restore them.
  • Signing: You can securely send, sign, and track documents with Dropbox.
  • Security: Dropbox allows you to provide password protection, watermarking, and viewer history.
  • Versatility: It is available on mobile, desktop, and web.
  • Collaboration features: With Dropbox, you can work together on documents in real-time.
  • Individual plan: €9.99/month
  • Essential plan: €18/month
  • Business plan: €16/month per user
  • Business plus plan: €20/month per user


  • Easy to use platform and fast learning curve.
  • Uploading and downloading files are quick.
  • Collaboration in real-time and file sharing is simple.
  • Reliable data protection features.
  • You can access your files from anywhere across devices.


  • Limited integrations.
  • Lack of advanced search functionality.
  • Upgrading to paid plans is relatively expensive.

Best communication tool for remote teams


slack - the best tool for communication

Slack is a powerful communication tool for remote teams. With a rich set of tools and customization options, it is one of the best remote collaboration software.

  • Team chat: You can easily communicate with your team members and bring them together in a virtual office where everyone can communicate.
  • Communication with external people: One of Slack’s outstanding features is communicating with partners, vendors, or customers through Slack.
  • Channels: You can create channels for every project, team, or topic.
  • Huddles: You can make audio or video calls using Slack.
  • Clips: You can make video clips from the meeting records to share specific moments.
  • Free plan: Available
  • Pro plan: $7.25/month per user
  • Business plus plan: $12.50/month per user
  • Enterprise plan: Contact for pricing


  • Easy-to-use interface.
  • Slack has 2,500+ integrations, including Google Drive, Zoom, Outlook, etc.
  • Wide range of personalization options.
  • It has enhanced search capability.


  • Expensive.
  • Huddles can have a maximum of 2 participants when using the free plan.

Frequently asked questions

How can I collaborate better virtually?

Sometimes, all you need is a tool to take over some repetitive tasks from your daily work so you can focus on more important aspects of collaboration. While remote collaboration tools will allow you to be more effective, ultimately, it is up to you and how you implement these solutions into your day-to-day work.

How do I choose the best collaboration tool?

Before choosing collaboration tools for remote teams, consider the features, costs, integration options, user experience, and security. Remember, collaboration tools have significant differences, so I recommend starting with a free plan or a trial.

Which tools are commonly used for virtual collaboration?

Besides virtual whiteboards, Microsoft Teams, or Google Workspace, plenty of remote tools can boost your team’s overall productivity. You can use collaboration tools for project management, note-taking, scheduling, file sharing, and more.

What is the best project management tool for remote teams?

My top selections are Wrike, nTask, and Taskade when it comes to the best project management tool for remote teams. While Taskade is more of a task management tool, Wrike and nTask are excellent options for project managers.

Disclosure: I only recommend products I would use myself, and all opinions expressed here are our own. This post may contain affiliate links that, at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission. Read the full privacy policy here.

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