Krisp review

Imagine this picture: The kids playing in the room next to you and the dogs barking while you just joined a crucial meeting just a few seconds ago. These are not definitely the circumstances in which you want to kick off a meeting, right?

Working in noisy work environments is sometimes inevitable, particularly for remote workers. However, the Krisp app provides an excellent opportunity to regain complete control over your video and audio calls.

In this Krisp review, I will unveil its main features, delve into my personal experiences, explore pricing, outline its pros and cons, and determine whether it is truly a revolutionary noise-cancellation software.

Let’s start!

What is Krisp AI?

During the past few years, many promising artificial intelligence companies emerged to support remote work. Krisp was one of the leading AI companies to improve the audio and video calls quality. Krisp’s AI-powered noise, voice, and echo cancellation technology has been named one of the Time 100 “Best Inventions of 2020” in the artificial intelligence category.

Krisp app employs Deep Neural Network (DNN) technology to separate human voice from background noise in real-time audio processing. They designed this technology using ten thousand hours of human voice and background noises to identify and eliminate unwanted noise.

The most common challenge that Krisp aims to solve is to remove unwanted background noise for better audio quality. Noise cancelling is crucial not solely to remote workers but for everyone working in a noisy environment.

While Krisp is mainly recognized as a noise-cancelling app, it also has solid features supporting online video conferences. Krisp is the only AI note-taking tool not require bots to join remote video and audio calls and transcribe meetings.

Key Features

Let’s see why Krisp can become an essential tool for taking back complete control over your online meetings.

Background voice cancellation

Imagine working in coworking spaces, where people continuously have loud conversations. This is where Krisp comes to the rescue. What Krisp app’s background voice cancellation technology does is that it identifies the primary speaker’s voice and removes other nearby human voices.

Given voice cancellation, meeting participants will hear only your voice when making calls. Such a feature is beneficial not only for customer support or sales teams but also for those who are working with others in the same place.

Background noise suppression

Krisp app removes background noise from all sides of the remote meetings. The noise cancellation technology works bi-directionally. It means the Krisp app removes unwanted background noises on both incoming and outgoing audio, so there will be zero background noise from your and the other meeting participants’ side.

Say goodbye to barking dogs, crying babies, and unwanted background noise.

Echo cancellation technology

Krisp is using echo cancellation for the best voice quality. The auto echo cancellation feature helps you eliminate distracting room and acoustic echo during online meetings.

Echo cancellation ensures crystal-clear audio quality and a distraction-free experience for your remote calls.

AI meeting assistant

Lastly, do not forget the AI meeting assistant feature. Krisp supports several video conferencing apps, including Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Webex, Slack, RingCentral, Discord, and More.

It is the only bot-free AI meeting assistant that you can use to transcribe voice calls.

Krisp review - AI meeting assistant feature
Krisp does not use bots to transcribe meetings.

Furthermore, Krisp can summarize meetings automatically, so you do not have to go through the entire transcription if you are looking for the key discussion points and action items.

While the automated note-taking and meeting summaries are pretty helpful, Krisp helps you to track your call performance. It provides an overview of talk time, talk-listen ratio, and more.

Utilizing AI meeting assistants to automate note-taking can save a lot of nerves during and after the meeting. You can focus on the discussion during the meeting while your AI meeting manager is taking notes.

My experience with Krisp

Krisp has a user-friendly interface, which makes navigation quite easy. It works great when it comes to blocking surrounding noise. For me, it is a must-have tool if you are working in an unpredictable or noisy environment.

Overall, this calling app is for those who want a complete tool with effective noise cancellation and consider automating note-taking with AI.


Krisp’s pricing structure is the following:

Free version

The free version includes one hour per day echo, background voice, and noise cancellation. Additionally, it covers unlimited transcription and two meeting notes per day.

Paid version

The paid version is $8 monthly if you choose the annual subscription. If you decide to use Krisp for noise cancelling, I recommend selecting the yearly plan, as you can save 33% compared to the monthly plan.

Krisp review - Pricing
Krisp’s free plan includes 60 Minutes per day of echo, background voice, and noise cancellation.

Pros and cons of Krisp

Now, take a look at the pros and cons of Krisp, focusing on how noise cancelling can improve sound quality.

Krisp’s pros

  • Noise cancelling is very effective in reducing background noise, which makes the audio quality much better.
  • You can use Krisp with many calling apps to suppress background noise.
  • Krisp can transcribe your online meetings without a bot joining the calls.
  • The real-time insights are valuable if you want to evaluate your performance.
  • It is relatively cheap compared to other AI tools.
  • Krisp works on Windows and Mac as well.

Krisp’s cons

  • The meeting transcription only supports English.
  • You can easily exceed the 60 minutes per day limit of noise cancellation, which is included in the free plan.

The next feature

Krisp is planning to launch its new feature called Krisp Accent Localization. This innovative addition is designed to enhance customer-agent interactions by seamlessly translating agents’ accents into accents that customers are more familiar with, making conversations even smoother and more understandable.

The Krisp Accent Localization will be an excellent supplement to noise cancelling and AI note-taking.

Krisp review - Next feature
Krisp will release soon the accent localization feature.


Whether you are a remote worker or someone working in a chaotic workplace, maintaining focus in such an environment is almost impossible. It is even more challenging if you can not hear others properly because of background noises during a call.

This is when Krisp can be a lifesaver. It will instantly start removing excess noise, making your audio crisp and clear. While people tend to overlook the AI meeting assistant feature, it is also a great way to have more productive and focused meetings.

In essence, Krisp is a must-have app for remote workers and people working in disruptive surroundings. If you want to have crystal-clear conversations without background noise, Krisp is a perfect choice.

Frequently asked questions

Is Krisp noise-cancelling free?

Krisp’s free plan includes one hour per day echo, background voice, and noise cancellation. If you want to remove the ambient noise for more than one hour daily, you have to switch to the paid plan.

Can Krisp remove background noises from a video?

Yes, Krisp effectively eliminates any disruptive background noises from calls or audio recordings.

Is Krisp good for noise cancellation?

Krisp removes unwanted background noises on both incoming and outgoing audio, so there will be no background noise from your and the other meeting participants’ side.

Is Krisp Pro worth it?

If you frequently work in a location where you can not predict the background noise levels, Krisp Pro is worth its price. It removes all the noises so that you can concentrate on the call.

Is Krisp safe to use?

Krisp stores data securely in encrypted servers where only an authorized person within Krisp can access the information.

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