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Trying to actively participate in a Google Meet meeting while taking notes is challenging. Thanks to technological advances, a Google Meet note taker can automatically join and take notes so that you can stay focused on the entire Google Meet.

In this article, I will help you on how to automate note-taking in Google Meet for more productive meetings.

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How to take notes automatically in Google Meet meetings?

Google recently announced its new AI tool (Duet AI) that will be capable of taking notes during a Google virtual meeting. While Duet AI is still under preview, we should not forget two aspects:

  1. It will have only a Google Meet integration, so you can not use it for meetings that take place on other meeting platforms.
  2. Similarly to other AI tools, it will require some time to reach a decent transcription accuracy.

Nevertheless, there are already AI-powered note-taking apps that are compatible with many meeting platforms besides Google Meet and support multiple languages.

Such AI apps can automatically record and transcribe your virtual meetings with high accuracy. They utilize natural language processing, speaker recognition, and machine learning for effective note-taking.

Apart from note-taking, these tools offer many features to make your meetings more productive.

Other benefits of AI meeting notetaker

Besides automatic note-taking and recording, AI note-taking tools can do much more for your Google Meet call.

Meeting summary

Once the meeting concludes, AI meeting apps can share key moments along with the entire meeting notes with the meeting attendees. So, you do not have to review the full transcript of past meetings, but you concentrate only on the key questions and action items.

Furthermore, AI meeting tools also allow you to create a shareable video clip that you can send to those who could not join the Google Meet meeting. By utilizing this function, you do not have to worry that you or your team miss crucial information during the Google Meet calls.

Comprehensive meeting report

You can access a comprehensive meeting report evaluated by your AI meeting app. The meeting report provides details about topics, sentiments, and more after the conversation. With this complete data, you can identify pain points and improve your meeting performance over time.

AI meeting manager tools are a great way to sales coaching and performance management
Fireflies AI has a meeting report and analysis feature, while compatible with Google Meet.

This feature is handy for a customer conversation or a sales call to analyze your performance.

Collaborative meeting notes in Google Meet

While everyone can have a different takeaway from the same Google Meet meetings, collaborative meeting notes help to capture essential details that might otherwise go unnoticed.

The meeting participants can access the notes during or after the Google Meet call to edit or add notes, action items, and follow-up tasks.

Airgram - the best AI meeting assistant
Airgram has many team collaboration features.

AI note-taker apps have the ability to easily share collaborative or private notes and export such notes to platforms like Slack, Notion, Microsoft Word, and Google Doc. Collaborative meeting notes can enhance teamwork and could be a quite useful feature for remote teams.

Seamless integration with other tools

Most of the AI Google Meet note taker are versatile platforms in terms of integrations. AI note-taking apps are seamlessly integrated with your meeting and video conferencing platforms to automatically join and transcribe conversations in virtual meetings.

On the one hand, AI note-takers can automatically capture virtual meetings from many meeting platforms besides Google Meet. This is crucial for those teams who use different meeting platforms and plans to implement automated notes. In this way, you can have access to all the meeting notes in one place, regardless of whether the call took place on Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, or Zoom.

Additionally, AI note-takers can be integrated with other popular apps. For example, you can incorporate Avoma with popular CRM systems like Copper, HubSpot, Pipedrive, Salesforce, Zendesk, and Zoho.

Audio and video file transcription

AI meeting apps can create transcription for your uploaded audio files, video, or webinar recordings. Such a function can be valuable to streamline many workflows relating to content creation, for instance.

Best Google Meet note-takers

Finding the best Google Meet note-taker is not an easy task. You need to consider features, pricing, user interface, integrations, and more. After testing multiple AI note-taking apps, I found the three best for Google Meet meetings. 

You can find the top Google Meet note-takers here: Best Google Meet AI Note-Taker To Automate Meeting Notes.

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Doing back-to-back Google Meet calls all day is exhausting. Unfortunately, the more meetings you have, the easier it is to miss key moments. And this is the main reason why note-taking notes is necessary, even though it is time-consuming and makes it more challenging to focus on the meeting participants.

Handling every aspect of a virtual meeting by yourself is not practical and effective. Whether you are planning to use Google Meet’s new AI note-taking tool or third-party AI meeting apps, you should try to delegate tasks to AI.

In this way, you can maintain your focus during a customer conversation on a Google Meet call, and you do not need to worry about missing critical details.

Frequently asked questions

Does Google Meet have a note taker?

Currently, Google Meet does not have a native note-taker. However, you can use other apps that have seamless integration with Google Meet to automate your meeting notes.

How do you take notes during a Google Meet?

Using AI-powered note-taking apps as Google Meet add-ons, you can take notes during your meetings. If you want to replace manual note-taking, using Avoma, tl dv, Airgram, or other meeting apps can automate your meeting notes.

How do I automatically take notes from a video?

AI meeting apps can automatically record and take notes during a Google Meet call. Before paying for an AI note-taking app, you should consider meeting platforms, language support, pricing, customer service, and more.

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