7 Ways How to Maximizing Productivity with an AI Meeting Manager

Artificial intelligence is all about making us and businesses’ processes more effective. Businesses started to optimize their processes with AI, but the field mostly overlooked when it comes to productivity is meetings. Why could an AI meeting manager significantly increase the productivity of employees? 

On average, we lose around 31 hours each month to unproductive meetings. And if you are a manager, you are likely spending a significant chunk of your time, about 35-50%, in these meetings. Minimizing the time spent on these meetings can significantly boost any business. 

In this article, we break down how to maximize your productivity with an AI meeting manager (AI meeting assistant) to gain the edge. 

What is an AI meeting manager (AI meeting assistant)? 

An AI meeting manager and an AI meeting assistant are essentially the same. Like every AI assistant, an AI meeting manager uses artificial intelligence, specifically generative AI technology.

In general, generative AI creates new content or data based on patterns and examples by using machine learning.

The reason why generative AI can be a game-changer when it comes to online meetings is simple. The AI technology utilizes natural language processing for speech recognition. Also, AI assistants are capable of understanding text messages.

AI meeting managers are seamlessly integrated with your meeting and video conferencing platforms. So you can use your favorite tools like Google Meet and Calendar, Microsoft Teams and Outlook, or Slack. 

Why is an AI meeting manager important?

I am sure I am not the only one who spent many hours on “Weekly alignment” meetings. Just to put into perspective how meetings can impact your productivity, here are some interesting statistics by Goldenstepsaba:

  • The regular employee attends 62 meetings a month,
  • Meetings take up 15% of a business’ collective time,
  • Over 60% of employees multitask during virtual meetings,
  • An estimated 50% of meeting time is spent on irrelevant topics,
  • Businesses with less than 50 employees spend an average of $18,000 per year on unproductive meetings,
  • Businesses with over 100 employees spend an average of $420,000 per year on unproductive meetings.

You see, even smaller businesses waste significant time and money on unproductive meetings.

AI meeting managers can help you in many ways to reduce wasted money and time to make you more productive. 

Best AI meeting assistants

In this article, I ranked and reviewed the eleven best AI meeting assistants to help you select the one that suits your needs.

7 ways on how AI meeting assistants can help you to be more productive

Benefits of AI meeting assistants (AI meeting manager)
Benefits of an AI meeting assistant (AI meeting manager)

Meeting records

You can entirely automate your meeting by integrating AI meeting managers with your Google or Microsoft calendar. For example, Fireflies.ai or Otter AI is one of the AI meeting managers which seamlessly joins and records your meetings on platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet

This app is an excellent way to take notes effectively.
Fireflies.ai joins and records your meetings on platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet. 

This automation saves you the hassle of manually setting up recordings and captures important voice conversations and details. 

If you work in a small business and can not involve other teammates in a crucial call, an AI meeting manager with automated recording functions can be the key. While it helps to make your meeting more productive by completely focusing on the people in the online meetings, it also gives you an excellent opportunity to analyze your performance during meetings.

Automated meeting notes

Recording itself can be pretty helpful for crucial meetings, but it can not save you from note taking.

However, AI meeting managers have the ability to transcribe virtual meetings in many languages. While it captures calls in text, speaker recognition technology can make AI managers an essential video conferencing tool.

Voice or speaker recognition is the ability of an AI meeting assistant to receive and understand spoken commands. Essentially, it gives a speaker id for each meeting participant, so you can easily see in the meeting transcription who said what

Some tools on the market automatically capture the slides from audio and video meetings and insert them into the meeting participants’ notes. So you will understand the full context of the meeting discussions once you need specific information.

AI meeting manager can also capture the slides from audio and video meetings and insert them into the meeting participants' notes
Otter AI can also capture the slides from audio and video meetings and insert them into the meeting participants’ notes

AI meeting notes can save a lot of nerves during and after the meeting. You can focus on the discussion during the meeting while your AI meeting manager is taking notes.

This function can be valuable for sales teams. An AI meeting assistant app with automated meeting notes allows the reduce the number of salespeople during customer meetings. You can easily evaluate your sales team’s performance by reviewing the meeting notes or records without participating in the meetings.

Meeting Summary

Spending too much time sharing the information with someone who was not able to attend the call? 

No problem. Once the video calls are concluded, your AI meeting manager takes care of sending meeting summaries to the colleagues who missed the call.

Meetgeek took one step further in this issue. It can automatically create highlights on the call and deliver it to the relevant people’s inboxes. 

While this function is useful for those who missed the call, it is also valuable for you. Imagine you find yourself in need of specific information from an online meeting that took place three months ago. Instead of reviewing the entire meeting notes, you simply read an accurate overview prepared by your AI meeting manager.

This way, you can significantly increase your productivity and save time by not reviewing the full meeting transcripts.

Online meeting analysis

Currently, AI meeting managers on the market offer a wide range of features beyond meeting recaps and recording. For instance, Fireflies.ai takes meetings to the next level when it comes to meeting analysis

AI meeting managers are also useful for online meeting analysis
Fireflies.ai‘s online meeting analysis feature

Once the online meetings are over, it provides key insights into speakers, topics, sentiments, and more. With this comprehensive data, you can easily compare trends and evaluate the overall quality of your team’s conversations. 

Ultimately, an AI meeting assistant app with such functions can enhance collaboration and drive productivity within your team.

Schedule meetings

Are you missing deadlines, working extra hours, or just simply taking on too many tasks that are impossible to complete by the deadlines? 

An AI meeting manager can be an excellent answer to these challenges. It can combine Gmail and Outlook calendars into one view to see your personal and work calendars simultaneously. 

Tools like Motion are designed to prioritize and schedule tasks on your calendar. It ensures that tasks are placed on the right day and time so that you can complete them well ahead of your deadlines. It calculates your weekly tasks, meetings, and total working hours and then crafts a customized schedule. 

AI meeting managers can also help you manage meetings in an organized manner. You can free up an afternoon, reschedule meetings when you are not working, or block numerous meetings in a single request.

In a nutshell, you can use an AI meeting manager to finish all your tasks faster and get more quality work done. 

Better search capabilities

How much time do you spend watching a one-hour recording to find a specific sentence?

You can use your AI meeting manager to find keywords in the online meeting, including action items, dates, times, metrics, questions, sentiment, and more. AI meeting manager enables you to take personalization to a whole new level by allowing you to create custom topic trackers with a simple click effortlessly.

Using these functions, you can easily find relevant information regarding your queries. The AI meeting manager’s ability to go through vast amounts of data to give accurate results can also be a great way to boost your everyday productivity. 

Create video clips or highlight with transcripts

Some AI meeting manager tools already offer the option to create an easy-to-share video based on the selected part of the meeting transcripts. By selecting text in the meeting transcriptions, you can create video clips to share the essential part of the meetings with the key stakeholders in minutes. It is like sending an executive summary or a short meeting minutes in video form.

This dynamic approach allows you to effectively present the most relevant information to stakeholders without requiring them to go through the entire meeting recording. As a result, collaboration becomes more efficient and focused. It enables your entire team to align faster and take action based on the summarized insights from the meetings.


Adopting AI in day-to-day workflows can be a massive boost for your businesses. It is worth it to take one step back and think through what are the tasks that you are doing daily.

Delegating repetitive tasks to AI tools ensures that you can focus on critical tasks and maximize your time. 

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) 

What does the AI meeting manager do?

Depending on the specific AI meeting manager, it generally helps you with the following tasks:

  • Recording meeting,
  • Taking notes,
  • Prepares meeting summaries,
  • Meeting analysis,
  • Automated meeting scheduling,
  • It helps you to find relevant information easier in your meeting notes.

Can I use AI to write meeting minutes?

Yes, you can delegate the note-taking to AI meeting assistants in case of online meetings. Before doing it, ensure the AI meeting assistant is compatible with the meeting platform. Most AI meeting managers can be used for popular meeting platforms like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or Google Meet.

Also, make sure to check the AI tool’s language coverage. Commonly, AI meeting assistants cover English and some other major languages.

What is the best AI to record meetings?

It depends on what additional functionalities you expect from the tool and what platform you use for online meetings. The meeting recording is among the basic features of AI meeting assistants. However, the recording can be more effective by complementing it with additional functionalities like note-taking or online meeting analysis.

Are there free AI tools to take notes during a meeting?

Yes, most of the AI tools have a free plan. While the free plan has limited features, it can significantly help you to have more productive meetings.

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