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Artificial intelligence is reshaping how we live and work, and there is no doubt about it. Besides many AI-powered tools, AI calendar apps have emerged as a promising solution to enhance productivity and time management. Are you tired of managing your life with a calendar app and starting to play “calendar Tetris” when you could spend this time on more important tasks?

What do you think about how Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk can do so much work in a day? It is not because they are superhumans or so much smarter than you. Jeff Bezos has a virtual assistant, probably earning $100K+ per year for scheduling meetings and handling repetitive work to ensure he can focus on the most crucial tasks.

Although you can choose to employ your own virtual assistant to keep you organized, you also have other possibilities. Using AI calendars does not just help you overcome procrastination and relieve the stress of planning your working hours and personal life.

In this article, I will guide you through what an AI calendar app is, its benefits, and some key considerations before deciding to buy.

Let’s begin!

What is an AI calendar app?

From a technology standpoint, AI calendar apps utilize machine learning, and some apply natural language processing. These technologies allow AI calendars to find the right time to auto-schedule meetings and tasks based on your scheduling preferences.

But let’s talk practical. An AI calendar works like a virtual assistant. The AI calendar assistant helps you avoid scheduling conflicts, finds time for one-on-one meetings, blocks focus time, and builds a to-do list considering your preferences and priorities.

It can also be a crucial factor for your entire team’s productivity. AI calendars help busy teams automatically schedule meetings and tasks to allow them to maximize the time spent with workflows that really matter.

Overall, this smart tool supports you as a personal assistant so you can stay organized and concentrate on more crucial tasks.

Benefits of an AI calendar app

Now, it is time to jump into the benefits of an AI calendar assistant and how it can be a lifesaver during busy days.

Automate appointment scheduling

Scheduling calls with multiple meeting attendees at different times and finding empty time slots for focus time or tasks are challenging daily tasks. Machine learning algorithms will find a place for your tasks and meetings by setting working hours and preferences. Sounds cool, but how is this working in practice?

Let’s say you have recurring meetings weekly on Microsoft Teams, and there is no fixed time slot. The AI scheduler will auto-schedule the meeting based on your priorities, due dates, preferences, duration, and team members’ availability.

A smart calendar finds an empty slot in your calendar, prioritizes tasks and considers your preferences. For example, if you prefer more meetings on Monday instead of Friday, the AI calendar will auto-schedule the majority of meetings on Monday.

AI calendars are an excellent way to automate appointment scheduling and task management with a personalized weekly schedule. Reclaim says their personalized schedule can save 40% of your time, while Motion claims their AI scheduling tool can help you do 25% more tasks.

Better overview of meetings

If you use multiple calendars simultaneously, calendar management can quickly become overwhelming. Many people use Google Calendar for their personal life and Outlook for work.

An AI calendar automatically combines your calendars into one view. For instance, Motion can bring the Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar together into a single view, so you will not overlook essential meetings.

Motion app review: calendar view
Motion can bring the Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar together into a single view.

A clear overview of your weekly task list, meetings, and non-work-related appointments will help you plan more effectively and regain control over your life.

Task management

While some AI calendar assistants have their own task management feature, others allow you to synchronize with other task and project management apps.

Based on my experience, AI calendar assistants, with their task management feature, tend to have more straightforward functions than other tools solely designed for project and task management purposes. When choosing the most suitable AI calendar assistant, it is all about your preferences and existing tool kit.

The task management function generally gives you a customizable central hub for your tasks and projects. You can quickly go through your task list and see where you are standing in the process.

Motion app review: task adding
You can easily add tasks for auto scheduling using Motion.

Moreover, an AI planner like Motion has a pretty intuitive user interface when adding or assigning tasks to your team members. When adding tasks, you can select the assignee, priority, duration, start date, due date, and when to auto-schedule it.

If you are interested in the best AI task manager tools to skyrocket your productivity, check this guide: Best 7 AI Task Manager Tools to Get More Work Done

Project management

The project management features’ principles are similar to those for task management functions within AI calendar assistants. These calendar apps can either integrate with project management tools or offer simpler project management features.

You can integrate Reclaim AI with many apps.
You can integrate Reclaim AI with many apps.

It is all about aligning the capabilities of your AI calendar assistant with your project management needs.

Key considerations before starting to use AI calendar app

Here are some key considerations for finding the best smart calendar.

Integration possibilities with other apps

Your main goal should be to minimize the number of tools you utilize and find tools whose feature sets can cover various needs. Always consider whether you can integrate an AI planner with your existing toolkit.

For instance, Motion is excellent if you don’t have a dedicated project and task manager because it covers these workflows with AI features. It can also integrate with popular apps like Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Office, Google Meet, Google Calendar, and Zoom.

If you choose Reclaim or Calendly, you have broader options to integrate with third-party applications. Besides the most popular apps like Microsoft Teams or Google Tasks, you can integrate with Salesforce, Hubspot, Notion, Zapier, and more.

The key takeaway is that using multiple tools without integration can be a hassle in everyday life. Check the integrations with third-party applications before subscribing to smart calendars.

Over reliance

Even though smart calendars are an excellent way to effective meetings, avoid over-reliance, especially when using calendar assistants in the first weeks. A smart calendar has a learning curve to understand your preferences and priorities completely.

Sometimes, it makes sense to check whether the scheduling links are correct or whether the AI calendar assistant schedules the meetings at the right time. These tools learn over time, and you can rely on them more later. However, I recommend checking them in the initial weeks to ensure they work seamlessly.


Although there are many AI calendars, features are significantly different. While some have limited project and task management features, other AI calendars can serve as a central hub for tasks and projects.

Furthermore, some AI calendars are specifically developed for specific teams. For example, Reclaim has advanced features that sales teams can utilize. You can maximize your availability for sales meetings with flexible time scheduling, book meetings faster, add buffer time, defend breaks between meetings, and track your meeting performance. This way, you can prevent the burnout of your sales team and increase productivity.

Another calendar app that is designed for sales teams is Kronologic. It specifically focused on helping sales teams schedule meetings with interested leads to boost the conversion rate.


When it comes to pricing, there are significant differences between AI calendars. You can find an AI calendar with free plans like Clockwise, Calendar AI, or Trevor, but there are smart calendars for $99 monthly. The question is what are the exact differences in features?

Many smart calendars have a free plan but regularly come with limited features. As an example, Clockwise has a free version, but advanced features like team productivity tools, focus time blocks, or priority customer support team are included in the paid plans.

User interface

Having an intuitive user interface is essential when considering which smart calendar you should choose. The ease of navigating through the tool and accessing its features can enormously impact your overall experience and productivity.

A user-friendly interface ensures you can maximize your AI calendar’s capabilities without complications.


While not everyone can have a personal assistant, we can use AI calendar assistants to avoid back-and-forth emails, auto-schedule meetings, and keep our schedule flexible. An AI calendar is an awesome solution to get more meetings and work done simultaneously without jamming up your calendar.

The ultimate question is how much your time is worth to you. Investing in an AI calendar can save you significant time and effort so that you can allocate your resources more efficiently. Consider the benefits and features and choose the one that aligns best with your preferences and priorities.

Your choice could well be the key to unlocking a more organized and productive daily schedule.

Frequently asked questions

Is there an AI for a calendar?

Yes, many AI-powered calendars can automatically schedule meetings and tasks for you. ReclaimMotionClockwise, and Scheduler AI are the most popular AI calendars that automate appointment scheduling.

Can AI schedule meetings for me?

AI can schedule new events, meetings, tasks, and more for you. Besides keeping your schedule flexible, you can use AI schedulers, for example, to assign tasks and projects or add a meeting agenda.

What is the best AI calendar?

It depends on your preferences and existing toolkit, but Reclaim or Motion are among the best AI calendars.

Is an AI calendar app better than Google Calendar?

You can use an AI calendar app for more purposes than Google Calendar. With artificial intelligence, you can intelligently plan your day, schedule meetings, and have a customized agenda.

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