AI Note-Taking: The Ultimate Guide to Automate Meeting Notes

Did you hear someone before saying that they love taking notes? Well, it is not an accident. Note-taking is a hassle, especially when talking or presenting slides, not to mention if it is during a sales or client call. Fortunately, we live in a time when there is a solution, and you can automate note-taking with AI.

AI technology has reached the point when it can easily lift the weight of note-taking from your shoulders so you can focus on understanding and talking rather than taking notes. In this article, I dig into how to automate note-taking with AI.

Let’s get started!

Understanding AI-note taking

Machine learning

AI note-taking tools utilize machine learning to automate and transcribe both audio files and video meetings. Machine learning is a field within artificial intelligence and computer science that uses data and algorithms to replicate human learning processes. This results in continuous improvement in the precision over time.

In general, machine learning can help in many other areas besides note-taking. Businesses can effectively deploy AI to automate manual tasks, analyze large amounts of data, forecast, and more.

Essentially, it is game-changing, particularly in fields where it is challenging to uncover patterns in large datasets or where human involvement is not crucial.

Natural language processing

Machine learning alone would not be sufficient for AI note-taking. AI note-taking apps like Avoma use natural language processing (NLP) to understand the structure and meaning of the conversation. With NLP, AI note-taking apps can analyze text and extract information about topics, people, and places to understand the conversation better.

Voice recognition

Given the NLP technology, AI note-taking apps have the voice recognition ability. This allows AI note-taking apps to understand what you are saying and respond.

Speech recognition

Speech recognition, also called speech-to-text, relates to NLP technology. This technology identifies words and can transcribe audio and video files. AI note-taking tools generally use all these technologies to automatically record and transcribe meetings.

How to use AI note-taking?

People differentiate AI note-taking apps in many ways. Understandably, newcomers may struggle to understand an AI note-taking tool and how to employ it effectively.

Here, I have categorized the AI note-taking apps based on their features and how people use them.

AI note-taking apps for meeting notes

AI-powered note-taking apps are primarily used for transcribing meetings. While many AI note-taking apps serve as comprehensive AI meeting assistants due to their extensive features, some tools are designed explicitly for solely note-taking.

Best AI meeting manager - tldv
Tl dv automatically records and transcribes Google Meet and Zoom in more than 30 languages

AI apps for personal note-taking

Not all AI tools aim to help you in meeting notes. Besides note-taking during online meetings, you can also use AI note-taking apps for personal note-taking and editing your own notes. Personal note-taking apps like Notion AI help summarize notes, keep track of tasks, brainstorm ideas, or write blog posts.

These AI tools are focused on enhancing productivity and can be integrated into various workflows.

Notion is the best AI tool for personal note taking
Notion AI is a powerful tool with solid AI features to boost productivity.

AI meeting assistant

An AI meeting assistant or manager is a versatile tool that can attend meetings to automatically record and transcribe such meetings, send you meeting summaries on key points, analyze online meetings, and more.

AI meeting manager tools are a great way to sales coaching and performance management‘s online meeting analysis feature

The main difference between an AI note-taking app and an AI meeting assistant is the range of features. AI meeting assistants have a more comprehensive range of feature sets than AI note-taking apps. People use AI meeting assistants for note-taking and automate the entire meeting process.

Best AI note-taking apps

When choosing the best AI note-taking app, you need to consider many factors like features, price, free trial, use cases, user experience, platforms, and reliability. In this guide, I ranked and reviewed the 8 best AI note-taking apps to help you select the one that suits your needs.

If you are interested in more than just an AI note-taking app and would like to automate the whole online meeting process, check out this article where I ranked and reviewed the 11 best AI meeting manager.

Overcoming the challenges of AI note-taking apps

Since I started to dig into AI note-taking apps, I have identified some key points before buying an AI note-taking app.


Generally, all AI note-taking apps can understand English. If you use other languages, you need to check the languages supported.

Transcription accuracy

Transcription accuracy means how accurate the AI that takes notes for you is when it comes to speech-to-text conversion. While every AI note-taking app utilizes artificial intelligence, there are differences in the transcription accuracy.

The best AI meeting assistant app and a good Otter AI alternative
Avoma is one of the best AI tools when it comes to transcription accuracy

I recommend going through some reviews before getting started with a new AI note-taking tool or just trying a free trial to ensure it fits your requirements.

Integration capabilities

First and foremost, you should check which video conferencing apps are compatible with the AI note-taking app. There are significant differences in this matter. Some AI note-takers are just designed for Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Google Meet. For instance, it is quite easy to find an AI note-taker for Teams. However, if you use Webex, fewer tools can send meeting transcripts.

Second, many note-taking tools are synchronized with CRM systems and task or project management tools. Believe me, it is a huge relief when you do not have to copy the meeting notes, but the AI tools are synced with the existing tools you use.

Not choosing the one that suits you

Choosing the right AI-powered app is all about knowing what AI features you exactly want. Just to give you an example: if collaboration with your team members is essential for you, it makes sense to check the related features. Airgram allows users to collaborate on note-taking in real-time with their team members, but some other AI tools do not have this option.

Airgram - the best AI meeting assistant
You can easily share documents and engage in collaborative note-taking with Airgram

You should explore AI meeting assistants if you are not just looking for an AI note-taker but a more versatile tool. Even in AI meeting assistants, there are significant differences in features. While some AI tools enhance internal meetings, others are better suited for sales meetings, presentations, or client interactions.

The future of AI note-taking 

Writing notes is not fun. In essence, an AI note-taking tool works like a personal assistant and can fully automate your meetings. Once you use them, you will experience significant time-saving and more focused meetings. AI-powered automated meeting notes are a great way to be more productive and make every minute count.

In the future, the feature set of these AI tools will expand, and the transcription accuracy will further improve. You will be able to implement AI-based solutions in more and more workflows.

Key takeaways

  • Artificial intelligence-powered AI note-taking apps utilize several technologies, including NLP, voice, and speech recognition.
  • You can use AI note-taking tools for meeting notes and personal note-taking. Check an AI assistant for meetings if you want a more complete tool with more features and use cases.
  • Before investing in an AI note-taker, the key points to review are language support, transcription accuracy, integration capabilities, and awareness of what features you need.
  • The AI-powered note-taking process can significantly boost your and your team members’ productivity.

Frequently asked questions

Is there an AI for note-taking?

Yes, several easy-to-use AI note-taking tools like Avoma and tl dv exist. AI note-taking apps can capture your video calls and voice conversations and send you meeting notes and summaries on the key points. AI meeting notes are an excellent way to save time and be more focused on meetings.

What is the best free AI note-taking app?

It depends on your preferences. Typically, AI note-taking tools offer free plans, although these may come with certain limitations in AI features, available transcription minutes per month, or transcript storage capacity. Some of the best free AI note-taking apps are Tl dv, Avoma, and MeetGeek.

Can AI take meeting notes?

Absolutely, AI note-taking apps are designed to prepare high-quality meeting summaries and take notes in real-time. Furthermore, tools like Avoma or Fireflies AI can offer a range of capabilities beyond automatic meeting notes. They can send you meeting recordings and summaries and provide you with analytics about your meetings, which ultimately makes them valuable assets.

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