FlexClip Review Is It The Best AI Video Editor (2024)

FlexClip is an online video editing software with many artificial intelligence-powered features to help you create amazing videos. During 30+ hours of testing, I tried to discover everything you need to decide whether FlexClip is worth a try. In this FlexClip review, I will guide you through my findings, including key features, my experience, and the pros and cons you need to know. 

Let’s begin! 

What is FlexClip?

FlexClip is a free online video editor that you can use to create content. This AI tool is ideal for creating videos on YouTube or social media easily and effectively. In short, FlexXlip is a capable online video maker with all the features you need to create perfect video content.

What makes FlexClip a little different is its templates and AI features. Using them can speed up video editing compared to other video editing software.

If you have used Canva before, you will find FlexClip’s design and interface similar. When I started using it, I knew where to find everything, but I was already a huge Canva user.

Overall, FlexClip is a user-friendly tool that you can use to create and edit videos faster than before.

Key features

Let’s dive into FlexClip’s key features!

Video editing

FlexClip video editing
FlexClip has an intuitive user interface, so you can edit your content smoothly.

FlexClip offers a wide range of video editing tools that are similar to CapCut’s features. With FlexClip, you can easily trim, split, and merge video clips and add text, music, and voiceovers to specific video parts. 

Additionally, FlexClips provides options for adjusting video speed, applying filters, and adding transitions to enhance the overall quality of the video. 

FlexClip offers the flexibility to export edited videos in different resolutions and frame rates when exporting videos. 


FlexClip has beautiful templates
FlexClip has many templates that you can use during the video editing.

The templates feature is an excellent way to accelerate the process of creating videos. By customizing the templates, you can create videos or at least a part of it with your brand or face.

For example, I used the templates to create my YouTube videos’ outro. I did not have to brainstorm and design the outro from scratch. Instead, I simply selected a template and customized it to suit my brand.

For someone who is a beginner in editing, templates significantly speed up the creative process and can focus on other aspects of creating videos. 

AI tools

FlexClip's AI features
You can choose from FlexClip’s AI tools on the left.

FlexClip offers several AI tools to help you create videos more efficiently:

  • AI video generator: This feature can create videos from prompts, articles, or URLs.
  • Text-to-speech: This feature helps you turn text into natural-sounding videos.
  • AI translator: You can create videos in multiple languages.
  • AI image generator: FlexClip will generate images based on your prompts.
  • AI video script: This feature allows you to generate a script using your prompts and selected duration.

Personally, I found the AI video generator to have a positive impact on my workflow when creating videos. The generated video gave me ideas for animations, images, or videos I could use for the specific video.

Audio clips

Audio clips (FlexClip)
You can find music and SFX files based on categories and keywords on the left.

Music and audio files are a huge issue when creating videos, especially if you want to upload them to YouTube. If you do not share royalty-free music, you can easily face a copyright strike from YouTube. 

Fortunately, FlexClip offers numerous royalty-free music and SFX files you can use when editing video. FlexClip categorizes music and SFX files to ensure you can quickly find the one that suits your video. For instance, if you are looking for music, you can browse between happy, epic, love, inspiring, pop, and many more categories until you find one. 

Image library

Image library
While you can edit your content on the right and below, you can access the image library and other features on the left.

FlexClip has a massive library of images. You can search photos based on keywords or select them in a specific category. The intuitive search and browse features make it simple to find the perfect photos to create quality videos. Additionally, FlexClip provides customization options such as text overlays, transitions, and special effects to personalize your video further. 

Video library

The video library is also a great tool when looking for content to place between scenes. Similarly to the image library, you can search videos using keywords or just browse the categories. They are all royalty-free, so you do not have to worry about copyright strikes. 

Cloud storage

FlexClip review - Cloud storage
Cloud space offers an excellent way to organize and use your files in future projects.

You can upload audio files, images, and videos to your cloud storage so you can access them anytime when creating videos in the future. What I also liked is that you can organize your files into folders so you can find them quickly.  

My experience with FlexClip

I had a positive experience with the FlexClip review after spending more than 30 hours on it in the past two weeks. The user interface is really intuitive, so I knew where to find stuff. 

Having such a massive library of images, videos, and audio was valuable during video editing. When you start making videos, you will realize how crucial it is to have enough royalty-free material in one place. It would take a lot of time to find the perfect images or videos on the Internet, or you would need to subscribe to other tools.

The templates are another feature that made my life much easier. They simplified many workflows during the creative process. Even the fact that I did not have to do my own outro saved me 10+ hours

The only problem I experienced was one minor bug after creating multiple videos. It came up when the recording was longer than the video, and the created voiceover was so small at the end of the timeline that I could not move it back, so I needed to insert it again. 

Overall, FlexClip is an ideal video maker for those who have just started creating videos. Thanks to its features, content creation is much faster. The user-friendly interface makes it easy to navigate, and the variety of templates and resources available can help focus more on creative possibilities and not technical aspects.


FlexClip's review - Pricing
FlexClip has three pricing plans.

FlexClip offers three pricing plans. If you choose the free version, you can access one stock video and audio per project, along with some AI credits. However, there are limitations: you can only have a maximum of twelve projects, the FlexClip watermark will be displayed, and your videos must be under ten minutes. In my experience, I would recommend the free version for those who want to test FlexClip or have a short, one-time project.

The Plus plan offers many more features compared to the free version. You can access five stock audio and videos per project, AI credits, and unlimited projects. However, the Plus plan also has limitations. For instance, the limit of five stock videos and audio made me upgrade my plan. From my experience, if you are creating longer videos with many videos and pictures, it is better to choose a Business plan.

The Business plan includes all the features needed to create high-quality videos. You can download your videos in 4K resolution and get 100GB of cloud storage. This plan is ideal for teams or individuals who require more than five stock video and audio files in a single project.

Pros and cons

Here, I summarize my findings during the FlexClip review:

Pros of FlexClip

  • It is a super user-friendly tool, ideal for beginners as well. 
  • The templates and AI tools can make content creation much faster. 
  • FlexClip has a massive library of royalty-free pictures, audio, and video files.
  • You can upload audio files, images, and videos to your cloud storage and access them anytime in future projects. 
  • You can try most of the features in the free plan.

Cons of FlexClip

  • I found small bugs.

FlexClip review: Summary

After testing and making videos with FlexClip, I can safely say that it is an outstanding video editor software. If you use Canva, you will definitely like FlexClip as well. 

FlexClip does more than edit videos; it is a content creation platform that can speed up your video-making process. I love that they designed it so that you can jump right in and start using it effectively, even if you are a total beginner.

In today’s world, the advancement of AI offers numerous solutions to maximize our productivity. If you spend hours weekly editing videos, implementing more advanced AI tools could be a great way to improve your productivity. Overall, FlexClips seems an excellent alternative to make your video editing process even more effective. 

If you want to try FlexClip, you can get a 10% discount for any plan using my link. 

Frequently asked questions

Is FlexClip really free?

FlexClip has a free plan; however, it comes with limitations. You can have one stock video and audio per project, a limited number of AI credits, a maximum of twelve projects, and the video length must be below 10 minutes. Also, a FlexClip watermark will be displayed on the video. I recommend FlexClip’s free version for those who want to test it or just need it for a one-time project.

Can I use FlexClip for YouTube?

FlexClip is an ideal tool for making videos on YouTube. It has many features that allow you to create quality content for your YouTube channel. 

Is FlexClip royalty-free?

FlexClip’s audio, videos, and images are royalty-free, so you can use them when creating videos for YouTube or social media platforms.

What are the limitations of FlexClip?

The free plan has the following limitations:

  • Only one stock video and audio per project.
  • A limited number of AI credits.
  • Maximum twelve projects.
  • The video length must be under ten minutes.
  • FlexClip’s watermark will be shown on your videos.
  • You can download the video at a maximum of 720 p. 

The Plus Plan has these limitations:

  • Five stock videos and audio per project.
  • 30 GB cloud storage.
  • You can not download videos in 4K. 

The Business Plan has all the features and unlimited access to them.

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